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About Knox

What We Believe

Knox is a warm and welcoming Christian community that believes in the God of the Bible, known most fully in the person of Jesus. We use the Bible as our frame of reference for understanding God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – and in our worship, teaching and service. We recognize Jesus Christ, the Son, as our Lord and Savior. Our church community includes long time Miltonians right through to those newest in town. Knox Milton is part of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.
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Our Mission, Vision and Strategy

Our Mission Statement: To share Christ with others.

Our Vision:To be a community church where all are welcomed and included.

Strategy 1: Deploy the individual spiritual gifts God has given each of us to assist in bringing others to know Christ.

Strategy 2: Invite the community to develop their spiritual gifts through investment in learning, growing and fellowship in small group experiences.

Strategy 3: Exhibit the abundant grace of God through generous giving in support of Christ’s work first in the mission surrounding us and then in ever broadening circles beyond.

Strategy 4: An ongoing commitment to leadership development in our congregation at all levels of involvement.

Strategy 5: Investment in communication as the major mechanism to accomplish our Mission, Vision and Strategies.