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Last Month, Isaac, Knox’s Family & Youth Ministry Coordinator, sifted through the vast library on RightNow Media to find a selection of materials for kids, parents, and families! This month, Pastor Steve, Knox’s senior Pastor, presents his picks for members of all ages! You can find his choices linked below!

1. The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
In this series, Patrick Lencioni presents the idea that teams come in all shapes and sizes and are made up of individuals with specific skills and personalities. When brought together, they can result in great dysfunction or create a profitable foundation for an organization’s product and people. You can watch the series here!

2. The Gospel Series
Tim Mackie presents an animated trip through the Gospels of Mark and Luke along with the book of Acts exploring the design and message of the life of Jesus. You can watch this ten-part series here!

3. What’s In the Bible
Phil Vischer makes the Bible easy to understand for kids; follow Buck Denver and his friends as they explore what is in the Bible with your family! If you recognise Phil’s name, he’s one of the minds behind VeggieTales! You can watch the series here!

4. Safe People
In this thirteen-part series, join Henry Cloud as he shows how to find good relationships for you and avoid those that aren’t! You can watch the series here!

If you haven’t heard of the website RightNow Media, it is a collection of Christian material for all ages and stages of your faith journey. Knox has a license to use and view these materials. If you haven’t registered for RightNow Media, you can do so by emailing Knox,, and we can make sure that an invitation gets sent to your family! As a member of Knox Milton, the account is free to you!